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Frequently Asked Questions

With clear and simple answers.


Deciding when and where to go

How do I decide where in rural Spain I should travel to?

We realize how important it is for you to be properly informed and advised before deciding where to go. Our online Spain Destination Guides have in-depth information about the attractions found in the different regions where we offer holiday properties. Feel free to ask our team for further insight if needed.

What's the best time of year for a holiday in rural Spain?
It is a very good question and it largely depends on which region you choose to travel to. Northern Spain and Catalonia offer a different climate, culture and experience to Andalucia in Southern Spain. Because of the wide geographical spread and differences in seasons and altitudes, the best month to opt for is not always very obvious.

We suggest having a look at the “Climate” tab on each Spain Destination Guides for information about what weather to expect under normal conditions in each season. 
When can I expect to use a swimming pool in Spain?
Generally speaking, you should expect to use the pool in any area where Rustical Travel offers holiday homes at least during the months of July and August. In Andalucia and Catalonia, you can think June to September. May, October and sometimes even April is possible in Andalucia too, although unpredictably. If travelling to the north, the swimming season is generally short.

Be aware that most outdoor pools are not heated and those that can be effectively heated are relatively rare. If a property has this facility, it will clearly state in on the online Booking Information.

For more information, visit our blog post: Pool Seasons in Spain

Before you book

What are your booking conditions?
They are clearly explained here:
Can I book for less than a week?
It depends on the villa or cottage. Most properties have weekly prices only (these prices apply for 5 and 6 nights stays as well).

There are a few properties that can be booked for less than a week all year round, while a number of others accept short breaks depending on the season.

The minimum number of nights accepted at any holiday property is 4.
Does it have to be a Saturday start?
It depends on the villa or cottage. Saturday is the most common changeover day, especially for villas with pools during the summer season. However, some properties are flexible about the arrival and departure day.

Information regarding the changeover day (i.e. if flexible or not) is shown on the Booking Information on the property page.
Will my dog/s be allowed?
We have a list of pet-friendly properties that may allow one or more dogs (select this filter when searching online). However, the fact that a villa is pet friendly doesn´t mean you can simply turn up with your pets; all of your furry loved ones need to be accepted before you book and then registered as part of your party (you will normally be asked about number, breeds and weights of each). If you wish to bring your pets along, please ask Rustical Travel first.

Bear in mind that is quite uncommon for more than one dog to be accepted, but a few pet-friendly properties don´t mind the number.

A cost and/or an extra security deposit may, or may not, apply if your pets are accepted, and a list of general conditions must be followed, such as not allowing them to climb on to furniture or swim in the pool.
For more information about pet-friendly properties, visit or blog post: Bringing Your Pet to a Holiday Home
Are babies or toddlers included in the capacity of the property?
Babies or toddlers who sleep in a cot do not count towards the maximum capacity of a property. Only infants who sleep in their own bed must be added to the total number of guests in your party.
Are prices per person or per property?
The price you pay is for booking the property. This means you will get full and private use of the villa or cottage and its facilities as described.
Some properties offer a choice of different accommodation options: clients may choose an option and pay a reduced price for fewer guests than the maximum capacity, normally subject to some bedrooms being left closed and unused.
Do you charge prices in Euros only?
Yes. We are based in Spain and therefore charge at the Euro prices published. If we quoted you in other currencies, we would have to mark up our prices to cover for fluctuations in exchange rates but we prefer not to do this.

We strictly only charge your card with the agreed prices in Euros – there are no hidden charges. It is your bank which will translate the Euro sum into your local currency. No currency fee is applied by Rustical Travel and none is charged.

Important: please note that the currency converter feature, that switches the Euro price to other currencies on our website, is provided as a guide only and shows an approximate price in other currencies calculated according to the daily exchange rate. It is your bank which will be able to tell you the exact rate they have used to make the conversion.
Is there a booking fee or surcharge for card payments?
Not with Rustical Travel. There are no extra or hidden costs and we operate a no surcharge guarantee. The price you see is the price you pay.
Is a security deposit required?
Some properties, but not all, require a refundable security deposit. If required, the amount is stated in the Booking Information on the property page and on your Booking Confirmation/Statement.

The sum can either be held against your card (not charged), after which it is cancelled, or is payable directly to the property owner/manager and managed locally.

Although very rare, in both instances Rustical Travel or the owner reserves the right to make deductions from the deposit for breakages, loss or damage to the property, exceptional cleaning or unpaid local charges if applicable.
Are there any extra costs at all?
It's unlikely, but possible. Any extra costs are clearly stated in the property´s Booking Information and are normally paid locally.

Normal domestic use of gas, electricity and water are usually included in the rental price. Only occasionally, a property may charge electricity separately, or charge the excess over normal use for facilities that involve a high consumption of electricity, such as: swimming pool heating, air conditioning or central heating, for example.

Firewood is not normally included (unless we specify otherwise) and purchasable locally.

Additional services requested by you such as catering, maid service or babysitting, are payable locally.
Isn't it cheaper if I book direct?
Some properties are cheaper to book on our site, but the simple answer to this question is: maybe, yet let the buyer beware.

There are several good reasons for preferring to book and place your payment through Rustical Travel.

As a Spanish company, our close working relationship with local owners and Euro pricing allows us to offer very competitive rates.

More importantly, ours is not an advertising site. Properties do not (and cannot) pay to be featured on our site. Instead, they must meet our standards, pass a inspection, and be special enough for us to feel that we can recommend them. There are far more properties that fail to make it onto our site than those that do. Note that our published descriptions are independent assessments: on pay-sites, owners may allow their enthusiasm to overstate the qualities of their property.

There is also the issue with internet scams. The most reputable internet sites for direct bookings with owners do themselves warn users and owners about the dangers of phishing (identity theft). Criminals can pretend to be the owner and take your money without either you or the owner being aware until it is too late.

Lastly, since no direct booking with owner constitutes a legal contract guaranteed by industry insurance, it is only as reliable as the particular owner with whom you make it.
Generally speaking, when making a holiday booking, it's better to be safe than sorry, even if you pay a little extra.
Can I hold more than one property for the same dates?
No. We can only hold one property at a time for the same client since doing otherwise greatly affects the flow of booking possibilities for others.

Holds are placed for clients who are ready to book but need some time to make final arrangements such as purchasing flights or others.
Can I hold a property for more than 48 hours?
We can potentially extend holds for clients given there is a good reason to do so, but we normally do not extend holds past 3-4 days.
I wish to book for next year but prices are not online, can I request to book anyway?
Yes. Even though prices are not published online, we may have a price list available at our offices. If interested, you may send your enquiry and we can quote you a price for your chosen dates.

Booking process

I´m ready to book – how do I do this?
Explained in simple, clear terms:
Why do I have to pay a booking deposit?
We ask for a booking deposit so we can reserve your chosen holiday property and prevent other clients from booking it for the same dates.

Please note that the booking deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable; you are required to take out holiday insurance in case inconveniences arise that do not allow you to travel.
When is the rest of the balance due?
The balance is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival date. Rest assured, you will receive at least 2 email reminders from us before that day comes.
Can I pay via bank transfer?
Yes. You may pay your deposit and/or balance via bank transfer. Simply request this method of payment via email and we will send instructions on how to do so.
Do you allow split payments?
No. For a number of reasons our booking system does not allow split payments. Only one payment link for each instalment can be generated (one link for the booking deposit and one link for the balance, or the full-amount).
My card doesn´t go through, what could be the problem?
Banks may occasionally block overseas transactions as a security measure against fraud. Normally, a call to your bank authorising the transaction solves the problem immediately.
My chosen villa was available on your calendars, but your team told me that it isn´t now. Why?
The likely reason is that another client requested and/or booked your dates right before you did, not allowing enough time for the online calendar to be updated.

Current availability shown on our calendars is normally reliable since we work very hard to keep them up-to-date on a daily basis. Occasionally, however, dates may not be available if there is a queued booking waiting to be added.

After you´ve booked

Do you organise additional services such as catering, extra cleaning, etc?
These services are offered at only a few of our holiday properties and are at an additional cost, normally on request and paid for locally to the managers of the property or the service providers.

If offered, it will be clearly described on the property web page, and you are also free to ask.
Do I need to get travel insurance?
Yes, you and your party are required to hold adequate travel insurance that covers for mishaps before and during your trip. These include cancellations, medical expenses, accidental damages at your booked holiday property and personal belongings, among others.

Please note that travel insurance is not included in your booking with Rustical Travel, and must be hired separately.
What is the address to my villa?
Most rural properties in Spain do not have a formal address. Unlike other countries where post codes point to a specific house, in Spain they point to largish areas.

If you need a full address for a particular reason (such as immigration arrival forms) please ask, and we will be able to advise you accordingly.

Otherwise, rest assured, well in advance of your arrival you will be sent clear directions and instructions on how to get to the property from your arrival point in Spain.
Can I pay my balance well before it is due?
Yes. Simply request this via email and our reservations team will send you a personalised link to access your balance payment.
I need to cancel my booking, how do I do this?
If you need to cancel your booking you must refer to the bottom of your Booking Confirmation or Statement where you will find a link to access a personalized cancellation page. Information about your booking and applicable cancellation charges will be displayed to you.

Different charges apply depending on the days left before the start of your booking. Cancellation charges are clearly explained in our Terms and Conditions (refer to point 4).

If you wish to proceed to cancel then you must click on the REQUEST CANCELLATION button on this page so we can be notified.

Please note that a cancellation only becomes effective once you receive a cancellation invoice from us (normally after 1-2 working days after you request to cancel).
Can I cancel my holiday and use my booking deposit for a different property?
No. The booking deposit paid is non-refundable and also non-transferable from one property to another.

Your holiday villa

I'm coming with a baby - will there be a cot and/or a highchair?
I'm coming with a baby - will there be a cot and/or a highchair?

Cots and highchairs can be provided at many (although not all) of our holiday properties, and often free of charge, but it must be requested to us well in advance of your arrival.

If a cot or a highchair is not listed on the property´s facilities you can still ask and we will do our best to request them for you, albeit without guarantees.

For hygienic reasons, you are also asked to bring your own bed linen for the cot as this is normally not provided.
Will the pool be heated?
If your holiday property has a pool and the information on the website doesn´t specifically list pool heating as a facility then you should assume it is not heated. Bear in mind that pool heating in Spain is an expensive enjoyment and is therefore not very common.

For more information, visit our blog post: Villas with Heated Pools
Will the heated pool be suitable for cold weather?
Outdoor heated pools are normally suitable enough to take the chill off, but not for reaching very warm temperatures (such as those found in a spa centre).

If travelling during winter, you shouldn´t expect to use an outdoor heated pool. Indoor heated pools will naturally tend to be more effective and reliable.
Can I bring my dog if I didn´t request it beforehand?
No, the fact that a villa is pet-friendly doesn´t mean you can simply show up with your dog; your furry loved one needs to be accepted before you book.
Can I celebrate a party or an event?
Very few properties on our portfolio accept events and always on previous request before you book. Certain conditions and extra fees normally apply.

Even if you plan on a small party or celebration, and not a full-blown event such as a wedding, you are still also required to ask us first.
Will I have total privacy and tranquillity at the property?
We inspect and assess each rental property thoroughly before accepting it on our portfolio. If we consider that your peace and quiet may be significantly compromised by untoward noise or busy roads, that property will be weeded out by our selection process and rejected before reaching our website. Otherwise, it will be mentioned in the Overview of the property so you are aware before you book.

We cannot, however, control the entire locality of a property, and you may encounter some village or country sounds or other temporary noises or even a local fiesta.

You will enjoy full and private use of your holiday home. Do bear in mind, however, that houses with pools and gardens require regular maintenance to ensure that they are kept up to standard. A caretaker or gardener is likely to come to tend the facilities, but they will be aware that your privacy is important so there should be no need to inconvenience you.

If you require an extremely high level of privacy, please ask us specifically for a secluded property with no neighbours.
Is the property suitable for toddlers?
Our holiday villas are not categorically listed as 100% toddler or baby proof as there is no absolute standard.

If during our inspections we find anything which we believe is particularly not safe for toddlers, we will mention it on the property´s information page.

However, regardless of which property you choose, especially if it is in a rural setting with open outdoor spaces and a pool, young toddlers will always need special supervision.

For more information, visit our blog post: Child-friendly properties
Is the property adapted for people with mobility issues?
We currently do not have properties that are fully adapted for people with reduced mobility. A few villas may be more suitable because they are all laid out on one floor, may have wider doors, some adaptability in bathrooms, pool railings, etc. Please ask us for advice.
Can we bring more people than originally booked?
You are asked to inform us in advance of your arrival of the total number of people in your party for several important reasons; one being that guests must be registered on arrival by Spanish law.

To book in extra guests, please contact us with your request. If possible, the increase in party size may affect the booking price and additional charges may apply (you may also be charged an admin fee for the amendment).

Additional guests will be allowed as long as you do not exceed the maximum capacity of the property. This is for your own comfort as well as the stipulation of owners and a condition of booking with Rustical Travel.
Are bed linen and towels provided?
Yes, all bedding and bathroom towels are provided. You are asked to bring your own towels for outdoor use (pool or beach) unless pool towels are published as a facility on your chosen holiday property.

Cot bedding is normally not provided for hygienic reasons so you are asked to bring your own.
Will there be an Internet/WiFi connection?
WiFi and internet connection should only be expected at properties that have this facility listed on their web page. If WiFi is a must-have, please select it on our filters when performing your search online.

The quality and reliability of an internet connection cannot always be guaranteed, especially in rural areas. If it is of particular importance to you, please ask us whether the property you selected may have limited internet service only.
Will there be air-conditioning?
Air-conditioning should only be expected at properties that have this facility listed on their property page. Very occasionally, the use of this facility comes with an extra charge: check your property´s Booking Information.
Traditionally- built rural properties rely on thick stone walls designed to deal with the local climate. They generally benefit from breezes and shade which allow one to live with doors and windows open to the natural surroundings.

Room fans are normally provided where necessary, please ask.
Will there be English TV channels?
Unless cable or satellite TV is indicated, most channels will be in Spanish (or Catalan). However, digital TV services may allow you to change the language on some films and programmes to English using the remote control. Where satellite TV is indicated, a few channels will be in English, and probably French & German, too.
What cooking facilities can I expect?
You will find most of the standard appliances that you normally have at home. Somewhat unexpectedly, however, a kettle may not be provided; this is because Spanish people are not traditional tea drinkers. A few properties also lack an oven.

Please carefully read the facilities on the property page for a description of the villa's kitchen equipment.
Is cleaning during my stay included?
All properties are properly cleaned and prepared prior to your arrival. The final cleaning fee is normally included in the price, although occasionally it is charged separately (this is clearly informed on the property’s Booking Information).

A quick clean, change of bed linen and towels is also provided at many holiday properties after each new week of your stay: please ask.

If you wish to have additional cleaning, this is normally at an extra cost. Please double check whether it is available on request.

You are kindly requested to leave the property in as good a condition as is reasonably possible.
Will there be a welcome pack?
A few properties provide welcome packs, but most don´t.

If you are arriving at a time when shops are closed and would appreciate some basic grocery shopping, ask us in advance (at least one week before the start date of your holiday). We’ll do our best to organize it for you as this service is provided only by some property managers, but not all.

Some managers also charge a fee on top of the value of the goods which must be paid locally on arrival.
Will any basic supplies be provided?
While you will commonly find some basics, such as salt and pepper, you should not assume any supplies. It generally depends on what the previous clients have left behind and whether cleaners have cleared away old foodstuffs. At least one roll of paper must be provided in WCs.
Will there be parking available?
Generally speaking, properties located in the countryside will have plenty of outdoor parking space in allocated spots and often with shade.

If your holiday property is located in a village, unless it has private parking advertised, you will need to park on the public street (subject to availability and normally free of charge). Bear in mind that some villages may have narrow and/or steep streets.

Travelling to your holiday villa

Who can I ask about passports, visas, health cover and travel advice?
For full information and guidance on these matters, you should contact the relevant government department in your home country (e.g. in the UK )
Do I need to hire a car?
Although not always an absolute necessity, it is highly recommend when travelling to rural Spain as it greatly enhances your holiday experience.

Most rural areas in Spain have relatively poor public transport service, and it may even be difficult to hire a taxi.

For all practical purposes a car is also essential, such as for shopping, eating out, visiting interest points and moving around independently.
What are the roads like in Spain?
Highways are well maintained and consist of 2 to 3 lanes in each direction.

Rural roads are made up of one lane in each direction only. Bear in mind that Spain’s geography is generally quite hilly and mountainous so expect these roads to be sinuous and windy.

Some villages may have very narrow and/or steep streets.
Do you arrange flights, ferries, car rental or airport transfers?
We are specialists in holiday property rental only, so travel arrangements and car hire must be organised by clients separately.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find good affordable options online.

To see the nearest airports or ferry ports to your holiday property, click on the Location tab on the property page.
How do I find my villa/cottage?
Well in advance of the start of your holiday, we'll make all the practical arrangements with you, including organizing the check-in time and emailing you detailed directions to the villa/cottage or to the meeting point with the person in charge of Meet & Greet.

We will also send you holiday documents with relevant contact details and instructions about what to do on route and on arrival.

You will normally be asked to contact the person who will meet you so an operative mobile phone will be necessary for this purpose. If you are unable to contact this person you may contact Rustical Travel on the emergency telephone number provided and we will do our best to help.
Does the keyholder/caretaker speak English?
Some keyholders and caretakers speak English rather well, others only a little, and a few not at all.

In any case, clients normally manage to communicate well and the language barrier has proved not to be a problem. If it were, you may contact us and we will be happy to assist you and help with any necessary translation.
What are the usual check-in/check-out times? Are they flexible?
Check-in is normally between 5 pm and no later than 10 pm only.

Your exact check-in time will be arranged with you well in advance of your arrival with a member of our team.

Check-out is by 10 am unless arranged differently with the caretaker by special request.
Why can't I arrive earlier than the pre-arranged time with the keyholder?
There are several reasons:
1. The person in charge of Meet & Greet may not be available. They will organize their day in advance (around their work/family obligations) and make sure to be available for you at the arranged time, but not before.

2. The house needs to be properly cleaned and prepared for you, and this naturally takes time. Early arrival inevitably puts cleaning staff under stress, obliging them to finish beforehand and thus preventing them from doing an adequate job.

3. People in charge of Meet & Greet who also perform the cleaning/preparation will want to greet you in a well-presented manner, expecting you to allow them to wash up and change their clothes before you arrive.
Why can't I arrive later than 10:00PM?
Unlike hotel staff which may be hired to work 24 hours, the keyholder for your holiday villa or cottage is hired to receive guests until no later than 10 pm. After 10 pm, you should expect to make alternative arrangements for the night. Please note the importance of this fact when organizing travel to your holiday destination.

We also do not recommend arriving very late at rural locations in Spain for the first time, as it could easily turn into a negative experience if you get lost, especially after a long, tiring journey from home.

Check-ins somewhat past 10 pm may exceptionally be possible to arrange, but it is on request and cannot be guaranteed.
Why must I check out by the arranged time?
You are normally asked to leave by the stipulated check out time so cleaning staff can arrive on time to begin their work. This is especially true when other clients are due to arrive on the same day you depart.

If it is important for you to leave after this time, you may ask the caretakers of your holiday property if a late check-out can be arranged for you.

While on holiday

Who should I contact if I have a problem at the villa?
For any questions or issues you may encounter at the property, you are asked to contact the caretaker directly. Their contact details are in the “Essential Check-in Information” document we send you before arrival.

If for whatever reason your issue cannot be resolved locally, you may contact us and we will do our best to help in our role of intermediaries.
Will we get our rubbish collected?
You are normally expected to dispose of your own rubbish. Please ask the caretakers on arrival whether they assist with this, and if not, where you can dispose of it.
What should I do with the keys on departure?
Check-out instructions must be organised locally with your caretakers. They should inform you upon arrival or otherwise please contact them directly to ask.

Instructions may also be available in the property´s house book, if available.

Post departure

When do I get my security deposit back?
Security deposits paid directly to property owners/managers are managed locally and not by Rustical Travel. Both parties (client and owner/manager) must arrange the return and agree on any deductions that apply.

Security deposits temporarily held on your card are not deducted from your account, which means you should not expect it to be returned as such. If deductions apply, you authorise for the total sum to be charged or partly-charged.

Deductions will normally apply for breakages, loss or damage to the property, exceptional cleaning or unpaid local charges if applicable.
How can I write a review?
If a booking follows its standard course, you will receive an email with a personalised link to our review forms, usually 2 weeks after your departure. It may also be sent to you ahead of time on request and if needed.
How can I make a complaint, since I am dissatisfied with my holiday overall?

About Rustical Travel

How do you select villas?
We make first contact with the property managers, requesting general descriptions and pictures of the villas or cottages they offer. If roughly within our standards, we then organise a proper inspection by our team.

Our team visits and checks every possible detail and must then decide whether to approve it for our site or not.

A few things that are of particular importance when deciding are:

- Does it have something unique or special?
- Is it clean and in good overall standard?
- Does it have facilities for the maximum capacity? Does it offer comfort?
- Is it private enough?
- Does the manager seem committed to good standards?
Are you in Spain?
Yes. Being a specialist holiday provider means it’s vital for us to be based in the country where we operate. Although we have an international team, Rustical Travel is a Spanish company with its offices in Madrid. Most of us are Spanish and able to bring our clients a breadth and depth of knowledge about Spain that foreign agencies simply cannot.
Is Rustical Travel a legally registered travel and tourism agency?
Yes. Rustical Travel is a fully bonded Travel Agency with the Ministry of Tourism (Madrid, Spain) with Registration Nº CICMA2297. The financial security of our agency is guaranteed by the Ministry of Tourism under Spanish law.
Is Rustical Travel a member of ABTA?
Yes, which means UK clients have the benefit of ABTA’s assistance and Code of Conduct. Our membership number is Y6086.

Need help?

For guidance and queries, you are invited to contact our knowledgeable team

+ 34 913 013 086

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rustical Travel Privacy & Data Protection Policy

We are very conscious and respectful of your right to privacy.

In order to process your booking and to ensure that your holiday arrangements run smoothly and meet your requirements, we must, of course, use the information you provide such as name, contact details, special requirements etc. But we take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information.

We must pass the information on to the relevant suppliers of your holiday arrangements such as property managers, keyholder-caretakers and related service providers. The information may also be supplied to public authorities such as customs/immigration if required by them, in accordance with the law.

If we cannot pass this information to the relevant suppliers, we cannot administer your booking or arrange the holiday. In making this booking, you consent to this information being passed on to the relevant persons.

We will not pass on any personal information to any individual or organization not responsible for part of your holiday arrangements. This also applies to any sensitive information that you provide, such as details of any disabilities, or dietary/religious requirements.

We don’t like spam ourselves and we restrict our own promotional mailings to two typically non-aggressive instances:

  1. When a new user actively requests that we send details of special offers, or similar.
  2. Occasional promotional mailings to former clients that they can opt out of at any time.

Otherwise, we never use your  personal information for any purpose other than arranging your holiday booking.

You are entitled to a copy of your information held by us. If you would like to see this, please ask us. (We may make a small charge for providing this to you).
Your data controller is: Rustical Travel

If you need personal assistance, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Use of cookies

Like most businesses these days, we use cookies to track the number of browser visits to our website and help us learn from visitor behaviour. Our analysis of this information does not identify you as the user so that your privacy is safeguarded.