Villas with Heated Pools: A Long Swimming Season

At Rustical Travel, we get many enquiries from clients who want to use a pool out of the hot season; they ask us for villas with heated pools.

It is not common to request a heated pool in July or August in Spain as one of the reasons for having a pool is to refresh in the heat of the Spanish summer. Heatable pools are generally not heated during the hotter months. 

If you want to be able to use a pool out of the regular swimming season, you may want to consider a heatable pool.

Outdoor heatable pool

This outdoor pool can be heated for many months and reaches a comfortable 28 degrees. Property web ref: RD44

You may also wonder if you need a heatable pool; this will depend on the typical outdoor swimming season in the area you are going to.

In many areas of southern Spain, you get an excellent long swimming season, and one of our villas in Andalucia with pools may suit you well from April to October with no need to be heated. To read more about the regular swimming season in Spain, read our article: Pool Seasons in Spain.

Are there many holiday villas offering this facility?

Usually, you will find this facility at some smart hotels or apartments as a shared facility. This is due to the high costs of a properly heated pool for a single holiday home.

There are also some villas with heated pools, but these often tend to be large luxury properties with a higher cost than a standard holiday home.

Bear in mind that electricity in Spain is expensive, and the maintenance of these heating systems can be high.

Ca19 CA20 El Refugi exterior 024

Our properties, web ref CA19 and CA20 enjoy exceptional shared facilities like an adequately heated pool.

What kind of heatable pools can I get?

There are mainly two kinds of heated pools: outdoor and indoor.

Indoor heated pools will naturally tend to be effective and reliable.

There are also two main power systems to heat a pool: electricity or solar panels.

Heating outdoor pools with electricity when the climate is cool can be expensive, and using solar power won´t be enough.

Some systems are certainly more effective than others, Rustical Travel can advise on this for each of the properties we offer on our site.

The way to retain warmth in an outdoor pool may require the use of a night cover; this can be a nuisance unless its system is automated.

Outdoor pools, which can keep warm at a temperature over 25 degrees, no matter the weather conditions, are a luxury and an expensive facility.

The swimming pools that use solar systems to heat the pool water can often only raise the temperature a couple of degrees to take the chill off. This works when the weather is warm, not cold. 

So you must remember that many heated pools won´t guarantee you find the pool at a specific temperature just because it can be heated; you must check.

CA35 indoor heated pool

Our amazing 11th-century villa web ref CA35 in the Pyrenees provide clients with a superb indoor heated pool.

Does Rustical Travel offer heatable pools?

We do not currently have a listing for villas with heated pools on our site, although we can identify all properties on our books offering this facility. You can ask us.

Because many heated pools can only take the chill off, we don´t have a listing of villas with heated pools as such in case it may mislead some customers.

Any property that offers a heated pool will be reflected on the property page, and it will also indicate the system it has and how effective you can expect it to be.

If a property offers a pool and doesn´t specifically say it is heated, you can assume it is not.

covered pool

Outdoor covered heated pool in Catalonia, at our villa web ref CA25

If you need assistance finding your perfect holiday villa with pool in Spain, ask us, we are here to help: contact Rustical Travel.