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Terms and Conditions

of booking with Rustical Travel


In these terms and conditions, "you" refers to the named person on the booking (the "party leader"), and "we" to RUSTICAL TRAVEL, Ctra. Villaverde a Vallecas, Km 3.5, Oficina 124B, 28053, Madrid, Spain, fully bonded travel agency with statutory insurance cover as required under European Union law. Travel Agent Registry Nº CICMA2297 (Madrid, Spain).

Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your normal statutory rights.

We are committed to high standards of service at all stages of your holiday booking.

Rustical Travel is also a member of ABTA, giving you the additional benefits of ABTA's assistance and Code of Conduct (only applies to UK based guests).

Your holiday is fully protected against financial failure by a bond deposited with the Ministry of Tourism (Madrid).

1. Your booking

All bookings are subject to availability and a contract between Rustical Travel and the person named on the Booking Confirmation will only become binding when we have issued you a written confirmation.

The person named on the booking confirmation will be the party leader and must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking. The party leader will be responsible for all due payments and informing other members of the party about these booking conditions and all other matters concerning the rental and property choice, for which it is assumed that they have the consent of the other party members. The other members of the party must agree to abide by these booking conditions.

We will provide you with a written confirmation of booking by email. Please remember that any notification from us will be in your email and that it is your obligation to check your mail and to advise us of any change to your email address. As soon as your Booking Confirmation is received, you should check the details carefully. If anything is not correct, you should inform Rustical Travel immediately, as it may not be possible to make changes at a later date.

Any special request that might significantly affect your enjoyment of the holiday should be communicated at time of booking, as we cannot guarantee that it will always be met. We will deal with any special request promptly and endeavour always to comply with it, in which case we will confirm it to you in writing.

2. Booking deposit

We will confirm your booking on receipt of a payment of 25% non-refundable booking deposit of the total value of the property rental, unless the booking is within 8 weeks of the holiday, in which case the full amount will be due. The payment of the deposit for one reservation cannot be split into separate payment transactions.

3. Balance

Payment for the final balance of your booking must be made no later than 8 weeks before commencement of the holiday. In some instances, final balance must be paid more than 8 weeks before the holiday begins. If so, this will be clearly stated in the Booking information for the property. The payment of the final balance for a reservation cannot be split into separate payment transactions.

The date by which the balance is due will be clearly stated on your Booking Confirmation.

If balance payment is not received by this date, the booking is subject to cancellation, in which case we will retain the deposit and apply cancellation charges as specified below in these booking conditions.

Although such instances are extremely rare, and we will endeavour to contact you to facilitate payment when the balance date is imminent, it remains the responsibility of the party leader to meet this contractual obligation.

By agreeing to these booking conditions, clients who have provided credit/debit card details by phone or online, authorise Rustical Travel to process the balance charge to the same card used for the booking deposit and by the date on which it is due (unless the booking was cancelled and you have a cancellation invoice from us).

4. Prices

All our prices include VAT and are not subject to any credit/debit card surcharges. Prices are advertised and charged in Euros. Where equivalent rates in other currencies are indicated on the Rustical Travel website, these are displayed for guidance only. Rustical Travel uses a reliable external source on a daily basis to convert published Euro rates on different currencies. They do not necessarily represent the same exchange rate that your bank will use to calculate the sum in your local currency.

5. Cancellation or booking modification by client

5.1 Cancellation

If you need to cancel your booking you must refer to the bottom of your booking confirmation or statement, where you will find a link to access a personalized cancellation page. Information about your booking and applicable cancellation charges will be displayed to you.

If you wish to proceed to cancel then you must click on the REQUEST CANCELLATION button on this page so we can be notified.

Please note that a cancellation only becomes effective once you receive a cancellation invoice from us (normally 1-2 working days after you request to cancel).

The following cancellation charges will be applied: more than 56 days before booking start date, the non-refundable deposit only; 43–55 days, 50% of the total booking value; 29–42 days, 75% of the total booking value; 28 days or less, 100% of the total booking value.

At some properties, a more stringent cancellation penalty may apply, in which case it will override these standard charges. Where this is the case, it will be clearly stated on the individual property page.

The sum of the number of days “before booking start date” begins on the day you send through a formal cancellation request (as described above).

5.2 Booking modification

If, once your booking has been confirmed, you wish to modify it, Rustical Travel will do its best to make the change for you. Please note that booking amendments, when possible, are subject to an administration charge of 50 euros, and that significant changes (to the dates of your booking, for example) may constitute a cancellation and, when accepted, they incur an administration charge of 80 euros per booking.

Some booking modifications may constitute a partial cancellation and charges will also apply (e.g. if you book for two weeks but modify to one week, cancellation charges as per clause 5.1 would apply to the second, cancelled week. Or, if you reduce the number of guests in your party, and there is a change of price for fewer guests, cancellation charges as per clause 5.1 would apply to this price difference instead of to the total booking value).

If the dates of your booking are modified and postponed, RT reserves the right to apply the cancellation policy to your original dates.

Booking deposits are not transferable from one property to another.

To change the party leader for your booking you must send us a written request via email; the new party leader will need to accept our Terms & Conditions and administrative charges indicated in this clause will apply for processing this amendment.

6. Cancellation by us

In the unlikely event that Rustical Travel is unable to honour a confirmed booking and the booked property cannot be occupied, we undertake to offer you alternative accommodation, if available. If an alternative is not available or not acceptable to you, then all monies will be refunded to you in full, whereupon liability on the part of Rustical Travel will cease. If you prefer an alternative which is cheaper, we will refund you the price difference; if it has a higher price, you will pay the difference.

Rustical Travel is not liable for cancellation due to reasons of force majeure (this includes war, riots, terrorist activity, fire, drought & nuclear accident, or natural disaster) and no refund is made or due in these circumstances.

7. Party size and composition

7.1 Party size

The person named on the Booking Confirmation is solely and completely responsible for declaring the correct number of people who are to occupy the accommodation, including children, whatever their age. Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of people as stated on the Booking Confirmation occupy a property, unless specifically arranged and confirmed by us.

7.2 Party composition

Only those people originally booked may occupy the property. Legal and insurance stipulations prohibit the replacement of booked clients by other guests, both prior to and during the holiday stay, irrespective of whether the maximum occupancy of the property is exceeded or not.

Infants up to 2 years old, when accepted, if they don’t use a bed but a cot, don’t normally count towards property capacity and / or alter prices subject to number of people.

Please note that failure to respect these booking conditions is likely to prompt the property manager to exercise their statutory right to annul the booking, after which no claims may be made.

8. Occupation of the holiday property

The holiday property may be occupied and enjoyed in its entirety, except when a booking is made at a lower price and on the condition that one or more bedrooms and/or a part of the property is left closed and unused. Once a bed is occupied even for one night of the holiday period, the bed and room must be cleaned and prepared and the price for the maximum number of people in your party will apply to the entire period of the booking.

8.1 Pet friendly villas

Some properties on our books are listed as 'pet-friendly', which essentially means that the owners of those properties acept a pet/s on previous request.

Clients must not assume that their pet is allowed; permission must always be requested before booking. You will only be allowed to bring a pet if previously accepted by Rustical Travel in writing. Pet-friendly properties normally accept one pet only, but some accept more than one.

The costs associated to bringing a pet may be in the form of an additional fee or a refundable security deposit, or both in some cases.

Clients must assume total responsibility for the welfare of their pet/s and for damages they may cause. A pet-friendly property is not required to be safe for pets and does not have a tested perimeter so we cannot guarantee it will not be able to escape. Pets must not be allowed to swim in the pool.

Other dogs or cats live on certain estates, and will normally belong to that estate or eco-farm, but they are not allowed into your holiday property and must not be fed.

Clients with allergies to animals must inform Rustical Travel before booking, as we may be able to advise about the presence of animals, or whether pets may have stayed at your proposed property.

8.2 Smoking

Smoking is not normally permitted inside the rental property. There are rare exceptions to this rule, and you are welcome to ask if a property allows smoking, but you should generally expect to have to go outside if you wish to smoke.

8.3 Privacy and noise

It is the aim of Rustical Travel and property owners to respect your privacy and restfulness as far as possible. Your holiday property may be in a remote rural location or a village, and while these are generally quiet places, you may experience country and village sounds such as birds, animals, farm and other vehicles, and music and fireworks during fiestas. If your holiday property has a swimming pool or garden, you should expect maintenance visits at some point during your stay so that standards and facilities may be maintained.

8.4 Furniture and equipment

We have selected the properties in our portfolio for a variety of qualities and charms. Some are luxuriously furnished and equipped, a few are rustically modest. A kitchen may not have an oven in addition to a hob, and bathrooms in Spain often have a shower but no tub. If a certain item of equipment or furniture is important to you, you should check with us when you make your booking: we'll let you know if it is provided.

8.5 Gas, electricity and water

A reasonable use of gas, electricity and water is included in the holiday rental price at almost all holiday properties. Occasionally, utilities such as electricity is a separate cost. If so, it will be clearly specified in the Booking information for the property.

8.6 Air conditioning

Unless specified, properties do not have air conditioning. Traditionally built rural properties are generally designed to deal with the local climate, and benefit from breezes and shade which allow one to live with doors and windows open to the natural surroundings. Room fans may sometimes be provided where necessary.

8.7 Heating

Some properties have oil-fired central heating for cool or cold months, others are centrally heated by radiators that function when the wood stove is lit, and others have electric, pellets, or gas heaters. Where a property has an open fireplace or wood-burning stove, firewood is not usually included in the rental price. Please consult the individual property page in each instance.

8.8 Baby equipment

While cots can be provided at many (though not all) of our holiday properties, and often free of charge, they must be requested to Rustical Travel well in advance of your arrival. It is your responsibility to make sure that the number of cots you need are available before booking, and that they are suitable for the age and specific requirements of your infant (they are not standardised).

For hygienic reasons, you are also asked to bring your own bed linen for the cot as this is normally not provided.

Highchairs are less common in Spain, and while some holiday properties provide them, they must also be requested in advance.

Rustical Travel will do its best to request baby equipment not listed on a property's facilities, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

8.9 Internet and satellite TV

Where Internet/WiFi is provided at a holiday property, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee its velocity or reliability, which will be subject to service providers and signal strength in different parts of the property. If an internet connection is of particular importance to you, we strongly advise you to ask Rustical Travel whether the property you propose to book might have a limited internet service only.

Similarly, when satellite TV is listed as a facility, channels cannot be guaranteed if the service provider discontinues them or the satellite signal is altered.

8.10 Swimming pools

Please note that while the swimming pools are generally open continuously during the period stated on individual property pages, their use and availability is subject to adverse weather conditions. It is very important to note that pools and other property facilities are used at your own responsibility and risk. Most pools are not gated and no lifeguards are hired at your villa. All due care must be taken, local pool regulations must be followed, and children and non-swimmers especially should be supervised at all times.

8.11 Property preparation: cleaning & linens

The final cleaning fee is normally included in the holiday rental price. If charged separately, it will be clearly specified on the property page under Booking Information.

A few properties also offer additional cleaning services during your stay. These will either be included in the total price or on request, charged at an extra cost. If the latter applies, it will also be described under the Booking Information of that property.

Please note that self-catering property rentals do not include a daily change of bed linen and towels, unlike what you would expect at a hotel. Only enough is supplied for a weekly stay. For stays over one week, please ask us how the change of linens is handled at your holiday property since managers operate in different ways.

8.12 Maintenance and repairs

If any visits to the property by the owner, their representative, or a qualified professional are necessary to maintain facilities or make running repairs, they will be kept to a minimum to inconvenience you the least possible. Under no circumstances may you undertake any maintenance, repairs or alterations to the property or its equipment without the express permission of the property owner, and then only at your own risk: see 9. Liabilities.

8.13 Health & Safety

Spanish health and safety regulations may be different and less restrictive than those of other countries, and may not always match your expectations if travelling from abroad. Devices such as smoke detectors are not commonly used in Spain.

8.14 Hosting an event

RT only organizes accommodation. An event (weddings included) is accepted at an estate only with the express written permission of the owner or manager of the accommodation. The owner or manager may have additional conditions for these events to add to the terms and conditions of this contract. Upon consultation with RT, the client may request more information about these conditions for events.

Stag / hen nights are not permitted at any of the properties on RT site.

8.15 Additional services

At your request, Rustical Travel may sometimes be able to advise on additional services, such as cooking, babysitting, taxis and holiday activities. We cannot accept liability for or guarantee such services, which are contracted by you with third parties.

9. Liabilities

9.1 Rustical Travel cannot accept any liability for loss, damage or expenses nor accident, illness or death sustained by the party leader or any member of the party under contract in connection with the property booked, except where it is the result of the proven negligence of our employees.

9.2 On confirming your booking with us, you enter into a binding contract with the property owner. Rustical Travel acts as an agent only and cannot accept liability for circumstances outside its reasonable control, such as the breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, wiring, infestation by pests, or damage resulting from exceptional weather conditions (causing storm damage or water shortage), or from actions taken by local councils and public utilities (such as, road mending and other maintenance/building works), or from irregular actions taken by neighbouring property owners (such as building work or maintenance), or the owner's negligence, resulting in loss, accident or injury, or from any service provider. Nor can we accept liability for local noise or any disturbance occasioned by neighbouring properties, any of their pets or farm animals, local wildlife, or village fiestas.

We take all reasonable care in the selection of accommodation providers and have every reason to trust that the property will be supplied as booked by you.

9.3 The party leader is responsible for any property occupied and is expected to take reasonable care of it and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition. Certain properties have their own special house instructions, for example, an eco-house may require special attention to the regulation of a solar electricity supply, and you are required to comply with any published rules. Waste disposal is not normally a service included in the price, unless advertised on the property page as an extra service. The party leader is responsible for disposing regularly of rubbish at the appropriate waste containers. Any damages or stolen items are the responsibility of the party leader and their cost shall be refundable on demand even in those cases where there was no security deposit associated to the booking.

9.4 There are certain rights and responsibilities associated with your contracted holiday property. As a paying guest, you have the right to enjoy the self-catering accommodation as described on the property page. Equally, you have a duty to take all care and attention to ensure that the property is kept secure and maintained in good condition so that others may enjoy the same right. The property must be locked up when you are absent from it in order to safeguard both the property itself and its contents, including your own belongings. Similarly, if a proprietor or their representative, including Rustical Travel, stipulates any reasonable additional safety measures, these must be observed.

9.5 Eco-properties

A few rural properties in ecologically sensitive areas or protected reserves rent with special conditions that must be observed. These generally apply to correct and responsible use of water or solar electricity or disposal of bathroom and other waste, and will be communicated to you by the property owner, their representative, or Rustical Travel.

9.6 Barbecues

You are responsible for due care and attention when making use of barbecue facilities and liable for any damages and litigation in instances where due care and attention has not been observed. The provision of a barbecue does not guarantee that it may be used: Rustical Travel cannot accept liability for unavailability of barbecue facilities should local or national authorities prohibit barbecue use during periods of high fire risk.

9.7 Holiday information

Your contract with Rustical Travel is for the holiday property as described only. While Rustical Travel may provide and publish driving instructions to villas and information on holiday activities, restaurants, beaches and excursions, it does so as a complimentary service and in good faith, and cannot accept liability for the availability or quality of these elements (such as accuracy of the information or if it is up-to-date). The party leader and all members of their party are responsible for their own safety and that of others at beaches, on hikes and roads, or during any private activity that they undertake.

9.8 Parking

Rustical Travel cannot accept liability for loss or damage to private or hired vehicles (or their contents) that you use during the holiday period. Most rural locations do not have secure garages or car parks, and old villages built before the age of motor vehicles do not tend to have driveways for cars. While village parking spaces are usually free of charge, it is your responsibility to park vehicles legally.

9.9 Access to your holiday property

Many of the properties offered by Rustical Travel are located in rural areas, which are often accessed by unmade tracks or roads. Sometimes the access can be steep or mountainous. If this is a concern to you, it is important that the access to the holiday property you select is easily manageable. The "location" section on the property page on our website usually offers a brief description of the access to the property based on our criteria at the time we inspected the property; and you can ask us for more details.

Unless specified, or required by deterioration of the track due to adverse weather conditions, a normal vehicle with high undercarriage clearance will be adequate. Rustical Travel will make every reasonable effort to inform clients if track deterioration will necessitate a 4-by-4 drive vehicle. Clients are responsible to the hire car company for any damage to their contracted vehicle and we recommend you take out full insurance at time of hire.

It is your responsibility to make sure you hire a car with reasonable power engine. This especially applies for holiday properties located in mountainous or hilly areas, and will often be essential for properties with an access that may be more or less steep.

10. Security deposits

Some property owners require a security deposit as a condition of booking. Security deposits are subject to deductions for costs due to breakages, damage, stolen items or unpaid bills. If such a deposit is applicable, it is clearly indicated on the property page. By booking such a property, you agree to provide the stipulated sum for the deposit in the specified manner. The sum is held by the owner even when the deposit is administered by Rustical Travel. You similarly agree that the deposit holder may deduct from the deposit any related charges to cover any damages or breakages that have occurred during your occupation of the property, any exceptional cleaning that may be necessary, and any unpaid services or goods such as air conditioning or firewood. The holiday property cannot be occupied until the security deposit has been correctly provided. Unless stated otherwise, the sum will held against the party leader's credit/debit card until no longer than three weeks after departure, at which point it will be automatically cancelled, assuming there have been no associated claims on behalf of the property owner. Occasionally, a security deposit may be payable in cash to the keyholder/caretaker on arrival and refundable on departure or post-departure.

The property should be inspected on arrival to check that it is all in order, and you should inform the property manager / owner of any defect. On departure you should inform the property manager of any breakages that may have occurred during your stay.

Important note: even in those cases where Rustical Travel administers the security deposit, this is a personal arrangement between client and holiday home proprietor / manager.

For clarification purposes, please note that the 'security deposit' described above is different to your 'booking deposit', the latter being paid on confirmation of your reservation and part of your holiday rental cost (see 2. Booking deposit).

11. Arrivals and departure at your holiday property

11.1 Check-in and check-out

Check-in can normally be arranged between 5 pm and no later than 10 pm only.

The particular check-in time for your villa or cottage will be arranged with you well in advance of the holiday by a Rustical Travel team member.

Latest check-out on the last day is usually 10 am and only very rarely later than 11 am.

Please understand that our desire and responsibility is to make practical arrangements go as satisfactorily as possible for holidaymakers, owners and their cleaning staff alike. If we are obliged to set fixed check-in and check-out times, it is simply because many years of experience have proven that it is necessary. Out of fairness and respect to owners and their staff – and not just as a Condition of Booking – please comprehend and observe check-in and check-out times.

It may exceptionally be possible to arrange a different time to that stated for your property, and we will always do our best to arrange this, but it cannot be guaranteed. In the case of a late arrival being possible, a fee will often apply, clients need to check in advance.

11.2 Arrival and departure arrangements

As part of Rustical Travel's service, we will ask you for an estimated arrival time in advance to pass on to the person in charge of meet and greet so that they can expect you at a specific time and to ensure that your arrival goes as smoothly as possible.

Well before you travel, Rustical Travel sends you check-in instructions, directions to the property itself or to a meeting point with the person in charge of meet and greet, and an Essential Check-in Information document (that includes all contact details, GPS coordinates to property/meeting point and instructions to follow on route and on arrival).

You are required to carefully read and follow all of the instructions given to you. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you have access to all of this information on the day of your arrival. If you will not arrive at the pre-arranged time (delay or early arrival), you are required to contact the person who will meet you directly (Rustical Travel is the alternative contact in these cases).

We strongly recommend that you bring an operative mobile phone with you. If you will not have access to a mobile phone on the day of your arrival, you must inform Rustical Travel well before the travel date so that we can try to make special arrangements for you.

The person in charge of meet and greet or the information document provided at the property  (if available) should explain what to do with the key on your departure day.

Please note that while the people in charge of meet and greet are generally suitably experienced, they may not speak another language other than Spanish: meet and greet assistants, caretakers, and property managers represent the property and are not employees of Rustical Travel. If, however, you experience any untoward difficulties, contact us and we will do our best to help.

Note that you will normally be asked for passport or other ID details on arrival, as this information must be registered by local authorities, as per the current law.

11.3 Welcome packs

Welcome packs of food and drink are not generally provided at our holiday properties. If they are, it is stated in the Notes on the individual property page. If you are going to arrive when shops are closed and would appreciate some simple shopping bought in for your arrival, let us know and we will do our best to arrange it. While the shopping service itself is sometimes free of charge, a fee may apply.

12. Travel arrangements, health cover & disability

It is the party leader's responsibility to ensure that they and all members of their party are in possession of all necessary travel and health documents before departure. In Spain, European Union citizens are entitled to free emergency health care. You must, however, be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). In the UK, these are available free of charge via the National Health Service. If you or any member of your party have a disability, is essential that – before you make a booking with Rustical Travel – you consult with us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (+34) 913 013 086, so that we can advise you concerning the suitability of your proposed holiday property.

We strongly recommend that the party leader and all members of their party obtain appropriate holiday travel and personal insurance cover.

13. Insurance

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your party hold adequate travel insurance that covers for mishaps before and during your trip. These include, but are not limited to, cancellations, medical expenses, emergency evacuations, accidental breakages/damages at booked holiday property and loss of personal belongings.

Clients who travel without valid or adequate insurance must assume all risks related to this; Rustical Travel will not accept any liability for subsequent consequences.

14. Problems during your holidays

If you have any difficulties, queries, require special assistance or have any reasonable complaints, please notify the property manager, caretaker, or their representative immediately. Most are nearby or only a telephone call away and will usually be keen to put things right or do what they can to help. You must allow them reasonable and sufficient time to deal with the problem, especially in remote rural locations. If the situation cannot be resolved by them to your satisfaction, you should refer any problems to us during the course of your holiday so that we can try to resolve them.

Please note that it is your responsibility to check the property on arrival, including cleanliness standards. Any trouble or inconvenience found on arrival must be immediately reported to the property manager, caretaker, their representative, or alternatively us, so that prompt and on-the-spot actions can be taken. If language is a barrier, Rustical Travel are a telephone call or email away, and we are keen to help with this. Complaints reported after your departure cannot be investigated or rectified.

If a problem reported to us during your holiday was not resolved during your stay, you must contact us in writing within 14 days of your return. Please note that failure to follow the simple complaints procedure described in this clause may affect your right to make a claim.

Occasionally, problems may arise owing to the climate (such as water shortage or storm damage) that are beyond the control of the service providers or ourselves. Whilst we cannot be liable for these problems, we will always do our best to help.

15. ABTA members

As a full member of ABTA (membership number Y6086), Rustical Travel abides by ABTA's Code of Conduct and offers an arbitration scheme for the resolution of disputes related to your booking contract (only applies to UK based guests). Further information on the Code of Conduct and arbitration scheme can be found on

16. Law and Jurisdiction

These conditions and terms of contract and all matters arising therefrom are subject to Spanish law and to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.

17. Web content

The content on this website is only available in English. When you make a booking through our site, you are accepting that you understand English. This applies particularly when you read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

It is the client's responsibility to read all the information about the property in detail before they decide to book, to ensure they make the right choice for their party. Most essential are the listed facilities, the location, and the booking information.

Property descriptions are offered as accurately as possible, to the best of our knowledge and in good faith. They are mainly based on the information provided to us by property owners and also on our inspection visits to the property. We take every reasonable care to maintain up-to-date descriptions and photography, although recent modifications by proprietors to furnishings, facilities and colour schemes cannot always be reflected in the written or photographic representation of a property.

All feedback collected from guests go through a careful internal consideration process. We reserve the right to publish or remove any reviews at our sole discretion based on relevance and on the best interest of our guests. Unless otherwise requested by the reviewing guest, we will publish their first name only.

Inclusion of a villa in Rustical Travel's "Luxury Collection" is based on our general assessment of the villa. This professional appraisal admits a certain personalised element and is not an indication that the property meets a list of objective criteria.

Rustical Travel asserts an intellectual property copyright to the contents of its website

18. Privacy, Data protection & Cookies

We are very conscious and respectful of your right to privacy.

In order to process your booking and to ensure that your holiday arrangements run smoothly and meet your requirements, we must, of course, use the information you provide such as name, contact details, special requirements etc. But we take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information. Read our full: Rustical Travel Privacy & Data Protection Policy.

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Rustical Travel Privacy & Data Protection Policy

We are very conscious and respectful of your right to privacy.

In order to process your booking and to ensure that your holiday arrangements run smoothly and meet your requirements, we must, of course, use the information you provide such as name, contact details, special requirements etc. But we take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information.

We must pass the information on to the relevant suppliers of your holiday arrangements such as property managers, keyholder-caretakers and related service providers. The information may also be supplied to public authorities such as customs/immigration if required by them, in accordance with the law.

If we cannot pass this information to the relevant suppliers, we cannot administer your booking or arrange the holiday. In making this booking, you consent to this information being passed on to the relevant persons.

We will not pass on any personal information to any individual or organization not responsible for part of your holiday arrangements. This also applies to any sensitive information that you provide, such as details of any disabilities, or dietary/religious requirements.

We don’t like spam ourselves and we restrict our own promotional mailings to two typically non-aggressive instances:

  1. When a new user actively requests that we send details of special offers, or similar.
  2. Occasional promotional mailings to former clients that they can opt out of at any time.

Otherwise, we never use your  personal information for any purpose other than arranging your holiday booking.

You are entitled to a copy of your information held by us. If you would like to see this, please ask us. (We may make a small charge for providing this to you).
Your data controller is: Rustical Travel

If you need personal assistance, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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