Child-friendly villas in Spain

Choosing the right villa for your family holiday is important as it will be a place for bonding and creating memories that your children will keep and share for a lifetime.

At Rustical Travel you will find plenty of holiday homes that have “family fun” at heart.

Facilities can include anything from board games, monkey bars and full-sized courts (tennis) to large spaces full of games, such as table football and tennis, a pool table, and so on.

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Photographed above: property refs. CA47 & CA43


Clients with babies will normally get a free cot and a highchair at most of our holiday villas – if available, make sure to ask for these in advance as they should be requested before your arrival.

If you need help finding just the right villa for your family, contact us and we will be happy to assist in every way possible.


But what if you are concerned about the safety of your little ones?

Deciding whether a holiday villa or cottage is safe and suitable for very young children or toddlers is not quite straight-forward.

Clients travel to Spain from all over the world, and expectations about safety or suitability for little ones varies greatly between different cultures but also between different families from the same cultural background.

The fact of the matter is that regardless of which property you choose, especially if it is in a rural setting with open outdoor spaces and a pool, young toddlers will always need special supervision.

And any home will have potential hazards indoors as well since children will not be familiar with the layout of the house and are therefore vulnerable to sharp corners, steps, doors, etc that are not baby-proofed.

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Little children are welcome at Rustical Travel homes.


Nevertheless, there are certain aspects of a house which, we can probably all agree on, are not suitable for toddlers regardless of the care you may have. These include:


- Wide openings on balcony railings (indoors or outdoors) 

- Certain types of steps and stairways (very steep or with gaps) 

- Sudden drops outdoors

la casita chica 011 1

The steps at this cottage are steep and can be unsuitable for toddlers.


At Rustical Travel, we inspect every single property that is on our books, and if during our visit we find anything which we believe is particularly not safe for toddlers, we will mention it on the property´s information page.

But this observation is not set in stone; it is only our team´s personal opinion and you should therefore not expect it to be an absolute reflection of the safety for your little ones.

Bear in mind that since it is not standarized, our holiday villas are not categorically listed as 100% child or baby proof.


The proximity of the river and open railings means this property can be unsuitable for families with small children.


Our suggestion is that you have a careful look at all the pictures provided on the villa´s page and that you ask us any specific information you may want to know that is not mentioned.

It is also a good idea to move or put aside any safety hazards you may find at your holiday home when you arrive to avoid unwanted accidents- you may also want to advise the owners of the house so that they are aware that you will be doing this beforehand.


Generally speaking, people in Spain are very tolerant and friendly towards children, and they also tend to be quite permissive, so expect your kids to be more than welcome!!