Swimming Pool Seasons in Different Areas of Spain

You may be wondering whether you will be able to take a swim during your holiday in your villa´s idyllic pool.

In this article we will explain the “whys”, the “hows” and the “ifs” about using the outdoor pool during your holidays.

Most outdoor pools are not heated and those that can be effectively heated are relatively rare in self catering cottages.

pool villas aracena

Photo: our villa web ref HA12 in Andalucia with a gorgeous outdoor pool.

When can I expect to use an outdoor pool in Spain?

Generally speaking, you should expect to use the pool in any area where Rustical Travel offers holiday homes, during the whole months of July and August (at least!!).

But even during these two summer months there are particular differences in terms of what you should expect from your swimming experience in the north and the south of the country.

In Andalucia (Southern Spain) having a pool in some areas means being able to refresh during the intense heat of a summer day.

In the North, however, there are areas in Green Spain where you´ll find that the hot season is relatively short  and not as intense as in Andalucia. 

Will we be able to use a pool while on holidays in Northern Spain? 

Thera are areas within Northern Spain where the summer season is sunnier and fairly reliable. You will find plenty of holiday homes with pools in these areas, such as Southern Galicia, in the extreme North West of Spain.

In these warmer Northern areas, the pool season is at least from July to August but this has been extended, for many years, by a few weeks, both ends.


Photo: our villa web ref AX27 in Andalucia is very close to the sea and the pool season is very long: April to October.

What about Catalonia in north east?

In the Northeast of Spain, Catalonia offers a good balance between Northern Spain and Andalucia in terms of the length of summer and the number of sunny days per year.

The pool season here is usually from June to September, both inclusive, in most Catalonian regions.


Photo: our villa web ref CA26 in Catalonia enjoys a realistic pool season from June to September.

Andalucia in southern Spain has the longest pool season

In Andalucia, as it is such a large and mountainous region, there are other points that need to be looked at to help you find the right location for your pool holiday (if you plan to come during a time when it´s not so hot).

Locations near the coast in Eastern Andalucia are the warmest for pool holidays beyond the period from June-September.

As a general statement, we can say that the pool season for most areas of Andalucia run from mid-May to early October.

The high mountains of Andalucia like High Alpujarras have a short pool season since thay are at an altitude of 1,300 metres above sea level. And if we compare it to the Low Alpujarras region, there are also important differences.

High Alpujarras have a reduced pool season that normally runs from late June to early September whereas in the Low Alpujarras the season normally runs from April to the end of October.

alpujarras villa with pool

Photo: our villa web ref AP42 in High Alpujarras, Andalucia has a relatively short swimming season.

But what do you actually mean when you say pool season?

Pool season refers to the time during which a pool is officially open, but this may be more or less realistic. 

When referring to the pool season, we intend on providing you information so you can asses whether you may expect the pool water to be warm enough for your swims.

Bear in mind that many pools will be published as open all year round, however this may only mean that you can use it if you´re brave enough!

villas close sea

Photo: our villa web ref AG23 in Northern Spain has a pool season until September

Another reason why the pool is open outside the normal season is simply for cosmetic reasons, as the pool can look nice all year round if properly maintained.

Some regions may have restrictions and they may be able to be open at only certain tiimes of year due to local laws.

If you would you like to use the pool outside the summer months? You may need to consider:

Latitude: going to Southern or Northern Spain could make an important difference.

Proximity to the sea: the closer you stay to the sea ,the milder you´ll find the hotter months, especially in the South.

Pool orientation: a North facing pool will have cooler water, generally speaking.

Altitude: villas up in the mountains will often have a shorter season. But don´t get confused, some mountain areas of Andalucia are not high enough and they are close enough to the sea to have a proper long pool season; this is the case of Gaucin.

Mountain villa with pool

Photo: our villa web ref CA36 in Pyrenees Catalonia at 1,200 metres high; at this height you shouldn´t expect Autumn swims at this villa.

Remember, Rustical Travel can offer you tips, suggestions and guidance, and can provide help when choosing the right villa with pool in Spain.