How to Find a Wedding Villa

Celebrating your wedding at a holiday villa can be an excellent idea, but there are certain things you should consider first.

AP32 main mirador wedding

At Rustical Travel, when one of our specialists visits a villa and is informed that it accepts weddings, the first thing we ask the property manager is: "Do you have solid experience hosting these types of events?"

Here are a few things to consider when renting a villa for a wedding:

• What is the maximum number of people allowed on the premises?

• Are you allowed to have loud music until late (orchestra, DJ, bands, etc)?

• If weather isn´t good, what can you do? What indoor space is available or is there room for a tent?

• How much does the accommodation cost? Is there an event fee for using the premises? What additional charges apply, on top of the accommodation rate?

• Is it easy to arrange additional accommodation in the area for other guests?

• Do they accept previewing of the property?

• Is there a chapel for a ceremony? Some of these rural properties have their own chapel!!

• Do they have photos of other weddings available?


Five wedding villas from Rustical Travel's large villa collection:

1. Magical estate in Andalucia perfect for events (web ref RD112)

RD112 event villa andalucia

View this villa online:

Our view: We found the gardens very suitable for a wedding, the rooms were gorgeous, particularly the one for newlyweds. The spot is also very romantic. The property owners own a hotel nearby which may help in accommodating additional guests.

Event fee / costs on January 2020: This villa has become popular for weddings and their venue hire rates were increased in 2020. Prices depend on the number of people using their premises when the event takes place.

15 to 49 guests: 3,000 €
50 to 99 guests: 3,500 €
100 to 125 guests: 3,900 €

 Additional events (before or after the main event day) are charged at 500 €. 

2. Exceptional, luxurious reterat for events in Costa Brava (web ref CA52)

CA52 Wedding Villa Spain

Gardens at this villa are just perfect for a wedding


View this villa online:

Our view: This place really is an exceptional venue for weddings. As a holiday villa is extraordinary but as villa for weddings this is the best estate we have seen in Spain so far. The level of preparation here for weddings events is superb. The fancy Event's Room is gorgeous and even the industrial kitchen in this additional annexe is good looking. Extensive lawned areas are huge and they offer excellent spots for different times of the day and different moments that may be required in a wedding.

Event fee / costs on January 2020: This property may not be a cheap option for a wedding but there are really interesting packages with prices we consider acceptable and these packages are inclusive of the Event's Room. Unless you book a wedding package the Event's Room is not included and it has an additional cost of 1,975 euros.

3. Large villa with almost 20 years of experience in weddings (web ref AP32)

Villa suitable for weddings in Andalucia

Weddings and events have been successfully held at this place for over 20 years. It even has its own chapel!


View this villa online:

Our view: If you are looking for a safe bet, this may be your wedding villa. The property manager is highly experienced in making any arrangement related to a wedding celebration, whether you need a hairdresser, flowers or a set menu.

Event fee / costs on January 2020: No event fee here but a cleaning fee after wedding of 395 euros. 

4. First class luxury almost touching the Mediterranean sea (web ref RD44)

RD44 andalucia villa for weddings

What a location for a wedding!


View this villa online:

Our view: Although property managers changed in 2018, we believe the new managers are resourceful when it comes to making arrangements for a wedding. The setting is terrific being very close to the coast.

Event fee / costs on January 2020: If an event is celebrated with more than 20 guests present, an event fee of 900 euros applies to every day an event is held.

5. Heatable pool and 40,000 mof lawned gardens between mountains and sea (web ref RD69)

RD69 gardens for weddings

Massive gardens and warm Mediterranean climate

RD69 large living area

This property sleeps 14 people but there is plenty of other accommodation nearby for other guests.


View this villa online:

Our view: Although property managers have recently restricted the number of weddings that take place at this property due to it being located in a valley where noise usually affects the neighborhood, they are still accepted. If a wedding is celebrated here, there are a good number of villas in the area for guests. Our selection of Villas in Casares  may offer accommodation for many other families joining the wedding celebration. Bear in mind that the minimum reservation is one week and normally from Saturday to Saturday.

Event fee / costs on January 2020: Weddings or similar events may be accepted on request and are subject to a venue fee of 1400 euros.



If you think one of the above properties is perfect for your wedding, contact us and we will be happy to assist in every way possible.

Or, have a look at our listing for Large Villas to Rent in Spain and you are more than welcome to ask if any of these properties is suitable for your wedding.