Bringing Your Pet to a Holiday Home in Spain

At Rustical Travel we have many holiday makers coming with their pets who wish to stay at one of our self catering rural cottages in Spain.

If you plan to stay at your chosen holiday villa with your dog, you will first need to make sure with your agent that he or she will be accepted.

We know how much your dog would love to come with you. 

article large dog

Dog relaxing in one of the rural locations where Rustical Travel offers holiday villas: Pallars Jussa, Catalonian Pyrenees. 

Not all holiday property owners in Spain accept dogs by any means.

Some may have had a bad experience in the past, while others may worry for future guests with allergies or could be concerned about the extra cleaning needed. These are often the reasons why some properties won´t accept a dog.

We have a selection of pet friendly villas in Spain where property owners normally accept one dog but this is always on request.

Property managers will normally want to know their age and breed before you book.

If your pet is not a dog but a cat or other animal, usual pets policy may not apply and most property owners will be concerned about this due to the lack of previous experiences with pet guests other than dogs. 

cat friendly villa

Bringing your cat to a holiday home is normally not possible. 

How do I know if my dog will be allowed?

Most holiday property managers have established a clear policy with our agency on whether they accept pets or not, and whether there are specific conditions for its acceptance.

At Rustical Travel we normally publish this on the booking information of the property page. If there is no clear pet policy shown, you are more than welcome to ask.

Even if a holiday villa is advertised as pet friendly your loved friend needs to be accepted in advance and registered as part of your party.

The fact that a villa is pet friendly doesn´t mean you can simply turn up with your dog (unless they have been accepted in writing in advance).

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Some holiday estates may have their own dogs and the property managers may prefer you don´t bring yours, just in case. This is an estate dog practising mindfulness at our holiday property ref CA12(1 & 2).

Are there rules or conditions that I need to comply?

Below we have listed a number of the most common rules some property managers establish with us:

  • no dogs are allowed to be left on their own

  • no dogs accepted over a certain weight

  • maximum one dog is accepted

  • pets must have their own bed, eating bowls, etc.

  • they must be trained (and also not allowed onto any kind of furniture)

  • they are strictly not allowed to go into a swimming pool (if the property has one)

If a dog is accepted at the time you make a booking you will be informed of any rules that may apply.

 article dog on bed

All pet´s policies mention that dogs are never allowed on to beds, sofas etc

Are there any additional charges or fees?

In some cases, when pets are accepted, they are welcome at no extra cost at all.

In others, the costs associated to bringing your pet could be as an additional fee or as a refundable security deposit; or both, in some cases. 

Will my dog be safe?

A pet friendly villa won´t necessarily mean it is safe for your pet.

You shouldn´t, for instance, expect that the property has a safe and tested fenced perimeter around the property, even if your dog is accepted.

A pet friendly villa normally means that your dog is likely to be accepted but that is all.

article pet villas 

Some properties have gardens which are just right for little dogs, like for instance our holiday cottage web ref. AT32.

If you want to bring your pets with you, Rustical Travel may have the right pet friendly self catering villa or cottage for you in Rural Spain.